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Joomla Customization

Having a privileged website online is the vision of each merchandiser and seller today, and building this vision of yours come true is Aimax Provider, your extremely own custom web design and Conversion Business, present you unbeatable Ecommerce customization in addition to bespoke web designing solutions at a very much affordable price.

     Joomla Development Company Mumbai

We have the proficiency which essential to construct and modify web sites for influential online applications based on top of the award winning content management system (CMS), via Joomla!, we can assist you to insert articles, videos, languages, blogs, photographs, banners and a lot more to your web site. Aimax Provider has the Joomla CMS customization chart that involves various aspects for creating, developing, enhancing and integrating in assortment of templates, modules, components and plug-ins into your website.

    We are well versed in:

    Theme integration

Having an idea in mind and desire to incorporate it into your Joomla website? Aimax Provider is able to do this for you. We build up themes through custom functionalities, like adding special effects via jquery, CSS, effortless validations etc. and put together them into Joomla CMS!

    Component Creation

In case of component creation we can affix customized functionality such as 'Advanced search', 'User management', 'Address book and Store locator' 'Event calendar' etc. to your site.

    Module/Plug-in Creation

We are having a proficiency in building various kinds of custom modules and application plug-ins for CMS website such as Slider and Scroller, Header Menu incorporation etc.

    Gantry Framework

For CMS Customization our experts use the Gantry framework for custom website development. Gantry is always known for easier management of Joomla! Theme developing which can effortlessly manage sidebars, header, footer, images etc.

    eCommerce & Shopping Cart

Being a web development company we have worked on multiple platforms for integrating ecommerce website and have successfully developed custom eCommerce websites by means of the 'Virtuemart' component of Joomla. Working on Joomla we can also edit this component to go with exact necessities for your site.

    Community websites

We have constructed a wide range of community websites by means of social network community plugin for Joomla! At Aimax we have integrated various community websites by means of adding custom built components to CMS!

    Multi Site set up

With the help of single installation of Joomla Package here we can construct more than one website for you.

Whatsoever work we do at Aimax Provider is exclusively planned to convey 100% customer fulfillment. With the purpose of why our Joomla experts first understand the client’s necessities and after that start working on the projects. Our experienced person of Joomla knows the ins and outs associated to Joomla customization; thus, they give surety to take away the project in the quickest turnaround time. Our experts working of Joomla customization are top-rated in the business and this is what brings our customers reverse to us. We not at all compromise in excess of the quality and certainly this is our potency and a source of motivation to facilitate keeps us going unconditionally.

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