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July 04, 2014
Magento developer mumbai

10 Reasons to Prefer Magento for Your Ecommerce Platform

Aimax Provider offers specialized magento store development services to setup and start your online store as per your business necessity. We have skilled line-up of magento programmers with numerous years of knowledge and experience in setting up magento stores for retail and wholesale business. Magento eCommerce CMS (Content Management System) is became one of the leading platforms that serve almost 160,000 merchants across the globe. It support multiple plug-in and tools as it’s a feature-rich as well as open-source CMS in the midst of enterprise-class that offers merchants an elevated amount of flexibility and manages in excess of user experience. We specialized in building responsive magento theme as per your industry necessity.

1. Full featured

Magento is always known for its full featured ecommerce system development which is presented together in proprietary as well as in open source markets. It completes all your needs to manage online store with product upload, inventory management and many other features.

2. Numerous Payment Gateways with Delivery Options

Magento is specially made for ecommerce platform as it has the capability to be incorporated with any payment gateway or fulfilment system. It always comes with single package with a set of defaults structure, but it has inbuilt features through which we can provide a custom integration to go with any stores requirements.

3. International Support

Magento can support numerous languages and multiple currencies with various inbuilt features which can make your store to go globally. Magento ecommerce customization has approximately 60 predefined languages for most prominent support but a custom packs can be created.

4. Modular Framework

Magento extend on Zend Framework as it’s a kind of business benchmark PHP Framework. It will request the comprehensive code levels which can guarantee to match any custom needs that an online store required.

5. Scalable

Magento has infinite number of spaces or limits to upload products that you have in your catalog or else to process your various orders. It has implemented in such a way that magento can handle effortlessly more than 100s of products and customers. It has a highly developed caching method to make sure your website will be responsive devoid of require costly hosting communications.

6. Enterprise level

Magento has a lot of enterprise clients selling more than thousands of products a day. Below are the major examples.

  • Toms
  • The North Face
  • Harvey Nichols

7. PCI DSS Compliance

Magento is urbanized to be PCI DSS acquiescence and goes together to ensure your commerce that can turn out to be authorized as PCI compliant devoid of need to have any costly alteration to the software.

8. SEO Friendly

Magento is intended search engine friendly where is has a features to make custom urls and Meta Data to increase any level of SEO that you required according to latest updates. It has inbuilt HTML and XML sitemap for Google as well as for User through which Google can easily ensure your website content and products.

9. Data Backups

Magento has a backup facility where you can import or export your data between different systems. This will give you a very easy functionality which can shift from previous ecommerce system to Magento.

Sustained investment and development

eBay a major ecommerce portal has newly acquired magento and has made a great deal for integrating next generation ecommerce systems. This kind of asset is reassuring to remove various risk factors which we normally face in open source CMS packages.

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